I wanted to email you to tell you that my shower was amazing! Your staff was amazing and the food was excellent! I received so many compliments regarding the décor and the food. I think everyone had a great experience. My mom and I were so impressed with the presentation of the room and the overall experience! Thank you so much for everything! I am so glad I had my shower there and I will definitely refer you to my family and friends. I hope to return for my next special event!

Warm Regards, Melissa (Wedding Shower)

AMAZING!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your entire staff. Tammy is worth every penny you pay her!

We certainly will get together for an “after wedding chat”. But wanted to let you know how pleased we all were with your entire staff! The food was phenomenal! Everyone was at our beckoned call.

Guest just kept saying – this is “the most beautiful elegant wedding” we’ve ever attended! How did you guys find this place. Everyone was so impressed with the “courtyard” experience and it’s hard to remember all the great comments as there were so many. Others would catch my eye and just give me a “thumbs” up!

Thank you again you are amazing! And have a fantastic staff! Several comments are already on facebook this morning from family and friends!


Dear Rina and Tammy,

Please forgive the delayed nature of our compliments. The beautiful wedding you and your staff provided for us far and away exceeded our expectations. Tony and I both felt it was the best wedding we ever attended and on more than one occasion we heard the same from our guests. The restaurant was so beautiful, so classy and the service and meal just exceptional. My cousin from Manhattan marveled at the service "Its like being in a fine dining venue in NY NY". We would be so happy to share our photos with you, but please give me a few weeks. Two weeks after the wedding we lost our condo to a fire and while the wedding photo proofs and most of our belongings survived we are still a bit turned around and have not had a chance to even view the proofs ourselves. We will be sure to send some pictures as soon as we can. Thanks so much for remembering us, you certainly provided us with a lifetime of beautiful wedding memories.



Thank you very much for the card and gift card! That was not expected and so very nice of you to do!

There really are NOT enough words to describe how beautiful EVERYTHING was! Just the setting alone was above and beyond what we ever imagined. And once it got dark... even more AMAZING! Having never seen the patio at night, it was just far more gorgeous than we ever dreamed. And of course the service and the food were impeccable! We could not be any happier with the way our special day turned out. My only sadness comes from knowing that we can't do it AGAIN! And that there aren't enough days in a year for other people to have the opportunity to experience their weddings at
Café Cortina.

We have heard SO MANY great things from our family and other guests about how wonderful our wedding was. LOTS of glowing adjectives. People amazed at the quality of service and attention to detail. Our families are the kind of people that like to "help out", so being able to just sit back and enjoy a fabulous evening is almost a new experience for some. They will remember that evening for years to come, as will Tony and I, and THAT is exactly what we were hoping for.

Tammy, of course, was just the BEST! Never had a doubt that she would be, but she is really the super-sparkler in your group of gems. So accommodating with any request thrown at her. Love her!

I already find myself looking into the future for any other reason to have a party there! I'll figure something out. Maybe Tony's 40th birthday or my 50th!

Thank you SO, SO MUCH Rina!!

Love you! D.

Wow!!I can’t believe Anthony and I have been married for over a month now. Boy how time flys when you are having fun not to mention having 4 kids busy schedules. I wanted to thank you and your staff for doing an awesome job for our wedding. Anthony and I couldn’t of asked for a more perfect day. Everytime I mention our wedding day I am overwhelmed with emotion and such joy. Every detail was perfect. The food was amazing!!!! Service top notch!!!

Even having future Brides walk through the dining area prior to our guesrt arriving to see the lay out for their possible wedding event was great! That’s what sold me on choosing your establishment, being able to see a wedding layout prior to us deciding great selling point. It was nice having a visual and Tammy made that possible for usJOur musician, Italian singer Francessco Cavalini, loved entertaining us in such an intiment setting.

Truly blessed to of had such a successful event. We will forever be customers of yours and again we can’t thank you enough for our dayJ All the best to you and to the success to your business. I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment. Ciao!!!!

Kindest Regards,


A Chic, Elegant Wedding at Cafe Cortina
in Farmington Hills, Michigan

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